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Necklace with DQ Smiley Charms, Katsuki and Pearls

Necklace with DQ Smiley Charms, Katsuki beads and Pearls

Nice short necklaces made with katsuki beads of 4 mm and DQ Smiley charms. Make it your own with other colors!

Below you can see all the products that have been used for these necklaces so that you know exactly what to get if you want to make one of these necklaces! You may already have some parts at home! 


  • You start by stringing the   katsuki beads and charms onto the metal wire or elastic. It is useful if you do not cut the metal wire right away. Measure how many cm the chain should be, so that you know approximately how many seed beads you need to string. (Hint: use it stringing board!
  • Measure where you want to hang the DQ Smiley Charm and attach it to your jewelry with split rings.
  • Last thread 1 or 2 crimp beads to the metal wire and then through a closure (for example a lobster clasp).
  • Now you thread the wire back through the crimp beads.
  • Now squeeze the crimp beads flat with a flat nose pliers. Then cut the remaining metal wire and put the last piece through a number of beads.
  • Then we go to the other side. Cut the metal wire with a wire cutters and repeat the previous steps. Now you don't use a closure but a extension.

Your jewelry is finished and can be worn. Or maybe you want to give it away or sell it! It may also be that you haven't quite succeeded yet and you still need some practice. The more often you make jewelry, the better it will go! But we have also added a video showing the same thing. They don't use seed beads here, but the principle is the same. Still have questions or uncertainties? You can always send us a message! We are happy to help you. Also check out our other inspiration sets or tutorials!

Also watch the video:

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