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Stainless Steel Necklace with Rocailles beads and charm

In this article I will show you how you can make a stainless steel necklace in combination with seed beads. You can find all the products I used in our shop! See what you need below. 

Stainless Steel ketting maken

What do you need?


Step 1

  • I take the stainless steel chain with it, I chose a ball chain here. I'm still cutting this one not off to measure, because I still remember
    Stainless Steel ketting maken
    not how long the piece with the beads will be.
  • Then I attach one end of the metal wire to the chain. I do this with two crimp beads.
  • I first thread the metal wire through the two crimp beads, then the chain and then back into the two crimp beads. I make sure to keep a piece of metal wire to hide under the seed beads.


Step 2

  • I thread my seed beads onto the metal wire. I chose this purple and gold color. I also chose the pattern: 5 purple beads, 3 gold beads. Of course you can also choose something completely different!

Stainless Steel ketting maken

Step 3

  • When I'm done stringing I measure my necklace (including beads). I want him to grow to about 40 cm. You can measure this with yourself in advance, but 40 cm is the average length of a chain in the store.
    Stainless Steel ketting maken
  • Then I cut the stainless steel chain with my wire cutters. The total length is now 40 cm. Now I also attach the other end to the metal wire.
  • Again I first thread two crimp beads on the wire, then the chain and then I put the metal wire back into the crimp beads and a number of seed beads. I cut off the remaining end.



Step 4

  • Stainless Steel ketting maken
    The chain is now attached to both sides of the metal wire. You are left with a round chain. I choose to let the beads hang on the side and hang a stainless steel charm in the middle. You can also choose to let the beads hang in the middle.
  • I hang the charm at 20 cm so that it hangs in the middle. 
  • Then I cut the chain in half, where the lock and extension chain should come.


Step 5

  • Finally, I fasten my lock with jump rings. Here I opt for a luxurious stainless steel (stainless steel) lock with a purple color. 
  • At the other end I attach my extension chain of 4 cm. 

Stainless Steel ketting maken


Stainless Steel ketting maken

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