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What do I need to start making jewelry?

Yes! You have decided to make your own jewelry. Maybe you want to do this as a hobby or maybe you want to start your own business. But where do you start? In this article we explain step-by-step what you need!

You have already taken the first steps. You have found Makiko with all the parts you need and you have arrived at this article. Whoo!
What you need exactly also depends on what kind of jewelry you want to make. Do you want to string your own beads or would you rather make necklaces without beads? With, for example, nice charms and spacers.

In general, it's helpful to stock up on the following:
  • a lacing
  • Elastic and/or metal wire
  • Closures
  • Jump rings and/or split rings
  • extension piece
  • Tools: basic pliers are wire cutters, flat nose pliers and round nose pliers
  • beads
  • Accessories such as connectors and charms
Not sure what kind of jewelry you want to make yet? Then look at us lookbook and see immediately what you need for that specific piece of jewelry! 
Do you have questions about making jewelry? Send us a message or leave a comment below! We are happy to help you. Below you will find all articles to start making jewelry, but you will also find this one here.

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