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Polymeer kralen - Aardbei - 5 stuks - Makiko

Polymer beads - Strawberry - 5 pieces

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Cheerful and beautiful polymer beads! These beads have a 1.5 mm hole. You can use elastic or metal wire to make jewelry with this. These beads go per five pieces.

  • approx. 10x8mm (Ø2mm)
  • per 5 pieces
  • Pay attention: Each bead is unique and may vary

Super cute polymer beads. To make the most beautiful and happiest jewelry! Use them for bracelets, necklaces, rings, telephone cords and sunglasses cords. Are you just starting to make jewelry? Still not sure where to start? Then read our article: What do I need to start making jewelry. And do you need inspiration? Then look at us Lookbook!

At Makiko you will find everything to make your own jewelry. From beads and pendants to tools. Still not sure where to start? Then view our Tutorials. In addition to these polymer beads, also view our seed beads in different sizes, acrylic letter beads, DQ metal charms, Stainless Steel charms and all others charms! Do you have questions or ambiguities? Feel free to send us a message or check the frequently asked Questions